During the PGA days on 9-11 March at Royal Parc Soestduinen, Robert Kalkman gave a presentation on the history and origins of the RKF, as well as its objectives for the coming years.

His fellow professionals responded with enthusiasm and several of them are happy to contribute to the clinics or golf days for children and young people.

They were instructive days featuring guest speakers from the PGAs of Europe (Tony Bennet), who talked about the future of teaching golf for the professionals.

Other topics addressed were how to become an elite pro and choosing a specialization within the sport of golf.

In addition, Elliot van der Veeke shed light on the NGF's new plans with respect to the Youth.

There were also beneficial seminars on club fitting, NLP mental game, the physical strains on the body during swinging and injury prevention.

The clinic offered by Geoff Mangum (Optimal Putting) from the U.S. was a great chance to experience the 4 skills of putting. Putting remains the most important aspect of the game of golf and this method helps you to greatly improve it so that you will need less strokes, achieve better scores and thus will walk off the green happy!